Wednesday, July 8, 2009

At the beach...

I wish my camera had been working this past weekend, I missed a lot of great pictures at Bear Lake. The weather finally permitted us to have a beach day, and we played on the lake for hours. Ronix went crazy when we got to the water; he was like a little kid trying to push the parent in. He kept jumping on me and was so excited, it was fun just to watch him.

The lake is so shallow on the west side you can touch for ages, and it was hilarious to watch Ronix bunny hopping/running through the water, chasing his ball nonstop for five hours. I think the only time he left his tennis ball was when he was busy finding food on the beach, or grabbing hotdogs from the kids ha ha. We even used his lifejacket, which works quite well. he loved getting up on the huge island tube with us and jumping off to retrieve his beloved ball. It definitely paid off because he slept like a log on the way home, that night, and all through the next day. He wouldn't even budge to go outside, which is pretty crazy for him.

Anyway, here are some older pictures of Ronx on the beach in the snow (which also makes him soo hyper). He loved to catch snowballs instead of tennis balls... I'll try to get a good video of Ronix at the beach next time, it is absolutely hilarious to see him go wild.

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  1. This are still by far the best dog pics ever! I love them. You should blow them up and do a sequenceal frame.