Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walking Adventures

I took Ronix and Vienna out for a run on Tuesday, it didn't last as long as I intended...but it was adventurous to say the least! First, about 20 feet after I let R and V off to run (in the undeveloped fields behind our house), I'm walking along, quite content, when all of a sudden I hear 3 shrieks followed by "woosh, woosh, woosh". I look over to my right and see Ronix running as fast as he can out of the field looking up in the air at a huge pheasant he about had for an early dinner. I'm pretty sure he almost caught this bird because as it was flying away, brown feathers (at least I think they were feathers...) were dropping from its tail. We never did find any feathers so who knows what it could have been...eek. It happened so fast there was no way I could have captured any pictures, but I sure wish I could have! Then as Vienna and I were searching for feathers, and Ronix was searching for his long lost dinner prize, we stumbled upon a calico cat, who startled Vienna who was sniffing the ground 2 feet away so badly she threw her tennis ball and jumped back about 10 feet. I have to admit the cat startled me as well. I had seen something there but assumed it was an old weathered pillow, until I looked up into a set of eyes!

We then proceeded on walking further to the area we normally go to where it's nice and grassy. On our way there, I opted to go on a different side of a ditch than I normally do, to stay away from a horse trailer that smelled strongly of horses, and also to keep an eye for these said horses. Ronix has often sassed my parents horses through the fence, so I don't trust him around them. We are walking along, Ronix and Vienna are playing with their tennis balls, when all of a sudden I realize Ronix is rolling. Rolling in something...dead...and bloody. Ugh.  I tell him to leave it, and try to keep walking to get him to follow me. Meanwhile Ronix is just staring at me with a gleam in his eye that hints strongly of naughtiness, starts wagging his tail at super speed, and snaps up the something dead and awfully bloody and EATS IT!!! The whole time while just looking at me with that naughty "HAHA" look in his eyes. Now, I can say this is funny today, but Tuesday I just wanted to puke...I can't say I wanted to throw his tennis ball after that, no thank you. Not with grimy pieces of who knows what he just ate. Blah.

So we went home, and Ronix had a very thorough bath to get the patches of bloodiness, not to mention the smell. Wow! He listened very well though, he stepped in the bath all by himself while the water was running, and even stayed in there while I shut him in the room and went to get a cup to pour water on him. He knows when I'm serious I guess haha!

Today the weather is glorious, so I packed up a bag with a blanket, snack and water to go to the field to do some reading, except I forgot a book, so I focused on taking some pictures of the rascals instead. Of course, the first thing Ronix does, since he's clean and all, is find a giant mud puddle and soak for a while. Oye, I tell you these guys keep me on my toes! It was so nice to sit and relax in the sunshine. Vienna even sat in my lap and soaked up some rays with me. And yes, I do mean literally sitting in my lap. :) I tried to get a good picture, but my arms just weren't long enough.

I hope everyone is doing well and soaking up the sunshine when you can! Here's to sunny spring weather!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vienna goes to the vet

Vienna had a little vet visit this morning, and she now weighs around 70 lbs! She is still a little skinny girl though, so I'm sure she still has some room to grow! Normally she is a bit shy at the vet, but today she was shaking, and refused to go with the nurse to the back room. She even slipped out of her collar and came running like a torpedo back into the room and huddled behind me with her head sticking through my arms. I'm not sure why she was so frightened this time, but we finally got her in the back room to get her nails trimmed. She came back smiling and happy and ready to go home to big brother.

Vienna gets crazy excited when it snows. Sunday morning she thought it a good idea to come barreling back inside and jump on Ronix and I as we were cuddled in bed, and kept hopping on Ronix until he pulled himself out of bed. I kept telling Vienna "V, we aren't getting up right now, it's 5 am." I couldn't figure out why she was so excited and wanted to get up until a few hours later I discovered we had a few inches of snow on the ground. Silly girl!

The weather here is beautiful today! It could definitely stand to jump 20 degrees, but as long as the sun is shining I won't complain. I am on a mission to find pet safe plants to put in my backyard so I can have at least one part of it be nice enough to sit out on a sunny day and read. I was hoping to put a lilac bush in the back, but first I have to make sure it is safe. That is my mission today on my sunny day off, hopefully I can find some pretty ones! Suggestions are welcome! :) Happy planting! (Or at least happy plant finding until it's time to plant!)