Monday, June 29, 2009

9 months ago ...

Wow, time has flown by. We've had Ronix for 9 months now and I can't believe he ever used to be as small as he is in these pictures. Craziness! It's been so fun raising a puppy...although we're pretty certain he's part human and cat ha ha.

This was taken when we first brought Ronix home. He's about 8-9 weeks old here, and already full of mischeviousness as you can see since he is trying to eat my camera string.

He was so full of energy, and always wanted to play, as this picture shows quite well. I am so glad those puppy teeth are gone! They are soo sharp. He did leave some souvenir marks in my phone though, it is kinda cute.

This is where Ronix got the nickname Batty from my sister. There are a couple pictures that are hilarious with his ears flying in the air. With his teeth showing he does look a little bat like ha ha. He's about 9-10 wks in these pics.

He loved playing with the big dogs right from the start, it was pretty funny to watch him try to keep up with a 90 lb German Shepard.

He's about 11 weeks in this picture where he's gnawing on a deer leg...yuck! Nobody would take the deer leg away until I got a picture of it, since the guys thought it was hilarious. As you've probably guessed, we were hunting this weekend, and so the dogs kept bringing back the was not enjoyable ha ha.

The moose get quite close in Bear Lake, and I don't think Ronix could figure out what it was. I love the stripe of hair standing on end that goes all the way down his back.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend in Moab

This weekend Ronix and I went to Moab (I being Ronixs' Mom). We had a lot of fun; I don't think Ronix could get enough of the lawn either-he loved to roll in it, especially the shady spots. It was fairly stormy, as it has been everywhere lately, but the clouds were beautiful. The extra rain has really made the flowers exuberant; it was very bright and lively for this time of year.

Ronix was nearly killed within the first 5 minutes of being in Moab .. my parent's have two horses and a mule, that are immune to their dog, but have absolutely zero tolerance for new dogs. Especially the mule. Ronix gets extremely excited around new things, especially the horses, and somehow managed to sneak in with the horses. The mule immediately started to get into attack mode, which sent Ronix into defense mode. His hair was standing on end, teeth bared and growling and tail tucked as far as it could go. I was just walking out of the house when I heard Ronix, and my Mom also realized what was happening, and in the nick of time started yelling and waving her arms at Little John, the mule. Luckily she was in there fast, and rescued Ronix .. otherwise there could have been a very unhappy ending, as the mule was getting ready to kick! Scary scary. At least that taught him a lesson--not to mess with animals bigger than him!

I think Ronix is so used to getting on rocks and posing/waiting for us to say the "break" command, that he does it a lot on his own. I didn't tell him to do this, my sister pointed out the coolness so of course I grabbed my camera ha ha. It is impressive though, he was quite the guard dog while down there. There has been a black bear visiting the area for the past week or so, and that evening we had a fire, and he was very alert, very anxious and protective. I was impressed! We figured there must be something out there .. like the bear!

My sister and I went up into the mountains to find a branch for my writing project, and she brought her German Shepard, Pirate. Ronix has played with Pirate ever since he was knee high to a grasshopper ... err..great dane. ha ha. The mountains were beautiful with lively wild irises everywhere. We got the boys to pose for a picture for us, not too bad for two hyper pups.