Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our weekend getaway..

We went to Moab this past weekend, and the dogs absolutely had a blast! Ronix and Vienna had nonstop running for about 3 days! Let's just say they slept for about a day straight once we left :) Tired weims are good weims right?! 

Vienna had her first big experience with cactus, no major run ins, but she would try to eat a few dead pieces...silly girl. She also saw her first horses up close, and she was great at sitting back and observing them...unlike her brother who likes to sass the horses through the fence...oye. 

Vienna is such a jumper, leaper, hopper girl, I love it! When we got up to the lake in the mountains, she was instantly just leaping back and forth across a little stream (brook, creek...whatever you want to call it!) She also figured out how to jump up to a tailgate with such ease and grace. She makes all this jumping look so effortless! Ronix liked to jump across the stream as well, but he also loved to walk across the log like we humans use. It was priceless!

 Ronix also had a few lessons of sit/stay while Mark was fishing...he thinks the line is his personal retrieve toy so it was good to get him to listen. Mark is also starting to train for bird far so good! Ronix is very into anything you throw, especially if it's in water. He's so funny, if you don't throw anything for a while, he'll just get in the lake and swim for 5 minutes just circling around. I often get the image of Dora from "Finding Nemo" singing "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..." Ha ha!

 It was a blast to do so many outdoor activities and have the dogs with us. Friday night we grilled steaks and there wasn't one weimy nose with a drooly mouth hovering anywhere near! (gasp) They were too tired to move. :D I did of course take a ton of pictures, and some turned out so well with the lighting. Enjoy! 

Oh, Vienna is now almost 7 months old and 55 pounds. Ronix will be 2 in August and he is 70 pounds. 

Alright. So I took too many pictures to sort through them so I'll just post an album link so almost all of the pictures will be available to see!