Friday, May 22, 2009

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend..

This is Nina, my sister. We have so much fun together! I'm not sure what she's doing in this picture, I think she's maybe about to pounce!

We love, love, LOVE to share sticks. We could chase eachother around ALL day just to get the stick back, so usually we just agree to share and chew each end. Delicious!

These big ones are so much fun! It takes two to lift the big guys, and people always have to watch out so we don't accidentally knock them over! (but it is kinda funny to watch them jump outta the way :P)

We're iron clad when it comes to sticks, we don't like to give them up! .. Except maybe for a treat :)

Looking for our stick or ball, we must have dropped it somewhere in the grass!

Dang, she got the stick.

We also love the water, although we're still pretty new at swimming.

More stick sharing, we never give up!

Hello sister!

We're ready to rumble! Let us off these leashes!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet Ronix!

Hi! My name is Ronix and I'm almost 10 months old! My Mom and Dad like to call me Houdini sometimes because I can get out of anything in seconds! So I guess you could say that's my middle name. In this picture we were hiking up Ensign trail. I had a lot of fun, but man does that sun get hot! I love to play that silly game where you throw the ball and I bring it back .. over and over and over! I also like to pose in my pointing (hunting) position while I wait for you to throw the ball. It really tricks some people! My weakness are sticks .. big sticks especially. Like tree branch big. I love to pull those around and try to take people out with them, me and my doggie buddies get a kick out of it! Most of all though I love to CHEW the sticks! Be warned- if you throw a stick for me I won't bring it back! :) Here are a few of my favorite pointing pictures!

My Mom loves taking pictures of me so I try to switch things up for her so she stays busy. My parents take me on awesome walks almost every day! It's one of my favorite things! They pretty much let me do everything with them. Car rides are so cool, especially when I get to stick my head out the window! Wooooooo! Marley and Me is a great movie, my parents just hope I don't pick up any bad ideas from watching Marley ha ha! :) Woo hoo almost time for a walk! I'm out!