Friday, May 6, 2011

Book two, Chapter one...

Well Vienna and I are on our own! We've moved to Moab for a few months to get a fresh perspective on life, and I can finally say it is good to be home! The warmth of the sun has finally graced Moab with its presence, and has made all the difference. There is so much to do down here in the summer months, it will be perfect for Vienna and I to jump into outdoor activities.

Vienna has already taken advantage of the warmth, and water, by swimming every chance she gets. She loves the water! We hiked up to a waterfall a few days ago, and she lost her tennis ball in the fast moving creek. Her good Aunt later found the ball stuck down the creek a bit, so everything was fine again!

We've also started running in the morning, and take frequent walks in the evening. It is glorious to be away from the city life with smog hovering over every building. I forgot how much I miss the country! The air is so crisp and clean here, nature indeed at its best. Pictures to come soon!

Vienna has made friends with my parents indoor cat, a spunky, mischevious little fellow who they rescued from a tiny kitten last fall. He is a handsome silver tabby with the greenest eyes I have ever seen. His name is Amos. Amos and Vienna will play, sass, and play some more. If Vienna doesn't awknowledge Amos, then he will start teasing her by sprinting down the hall and back and swipe her nose. It really is quite adorable to watch them together.

I hope you all are doing well! More to come with pictures (hopefully)!