Sunday, February 20, 2011

My new alarm clock

So the other morning I wake up to some really loud snoring. Mark had already gone to work, so imagine my confusion of this noise! I have heard Roan or V snore before, but very, very softly. I open my eyes, and turn my head to the right and Vienna's nose is an inch away from my face. She is stretched out like Gumby on her back, legs all a dangle, head placed perfectly on my pillow turned so she's almost touching me, and sporting the biggest grin I have ever seen. All the while snoring like a giant, sound asleep. I wish I had my camera or phone, or better yet-the flip-to capture this! It was so funny. She was out like a light too, and happy as a clam. 

So since I don't have evidence of this, I'll post other cute sleeping pics of R and V.

Edited to add: I have a lot of sleeping pics apparently because these are only from the beginning days of V!

I believe this one is a close replica of her position, only 50 pound bigger! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Suckling weims

I know there are many weims out there that suckle, my question is what do they suckle on? Vienna suckles on any of her fuzzy soft toys, especially her Valentine puppy from last year. She hates it when Ronix has it and doesn't let him keep it for very long. He is a boy, you know, so fluffies always get ripped. ;)

Ronix used to suckle when he was a puppy, on blankets, typically the blanket we use to sleep in...then he grew out of it. I couldn't say I minded that, since his suckling spots always ended up in holes! Not to mention trying to go to sleep then POW, your foot is in a precarious wet spot. Now Ronix has gotten back into suckling, not sure why, but he still only likes to suckle on the blanket we are actually using on the bed, couch or wherever. I have been thinking of buying a "baby blanket" to see if he will just use that...oh the trickery! He gives me such glares whenever I catch him suckling and tell him to stop. Goodness these weims sure have attitude!

On a different note, we went to the dog park yesterday. It was the first time Vienna has gone in a long while since she had her heat, and boy did they get muddy! I made the mistake of wearing ballet flats because it was so unusually warm yesterday, but I forgot the dog park is a gully right before a canyon. It was much cooler and muddy, and even still had snow/ice! Luckily we made it without falling, phew.

I didn't take many but here are a few photo's from yesterday:

 In case you are wondering, this is V's typical spot on car rides. She has to be touching one of us.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

An overdue update of my two weimaroo's

Wow! It has been ages since I have written on here, I need to be better. I couldn't even remember my sign in info...oops! 

Well we have officially had our Miss Vienna for over a year now, and it has been the best adventure yet! I absolutely love her, she is just the sweetest girl ever. I'm a bit smitten... :) Vienna went into heat in January, and while I was very unprepared for it to start (even though I suspected she was going to any time-I think I was in denial- haha) it all went very smoothly. I got her a pair of little britches and she loved them! Whenever we would take them off for her to go outside, she would come running back in to you to put them back on! It was so cute. I think she felt like a little diva. She would literally come up to you, then turn around and look back at you with a gigantic grin on her face and her tail swooshing back and forth, back and forth. Vienna handled it like a champ. She really mellowed out a ton, and became even more cuddly; and who would complain about more Vienna cuddles?! Not me! :)

Ronix has been such a good boy too. He used to run away at the end of off leash play time once he saw his harness come out, but now he just comes up to us to put it on. I even gave him a bath yesterday and he willingly, but very forlornly, stepped into the bath with water in it BY HIMSELF!!!! Such a good boy he is! I wish I had my camera, it was really so cute. He just wanted to listen to his Mom, but you could tell he did not want to be in the bath.

I still can't believe it's been a year since bringing little miss V home. It has been so fun to watch Ronix and Vienna bond, wrestle, pout, play and antagonize the other. I really feel quite lucky to have such amazing weims as these two, they are truly our heart dogs. They listen so well (most of the time-haha) and bring such happiness to our home. Every time we come home, they are so excited to see us. Vienna is always watching out the front window, then runs to the door as soon as she spots us coming. Once we come into the house, she is prancing around, tapping her paws, giddy as can be. She always has to pick up something in her mouth to carry around the house for the next 10 minutes until she calms down. It is so adorable! Ronix will come greet us, and usually gets wound up by Vienna's reaction so they are both hopping around the house. Unless it is past 10, then he will come greet us and the next thing we know he has put himself to bed, again. These two make me smile constantly!