Monday, February 14, 2011

Suckling weims

I know there are many weims out there that suckle, my question is what do they suckle on? Vienna suckles on any of her fuzzy soft toys, especially her Valentine puppy from last year. She hates it when Ronix has it and doesn't let him keep it for very long. He is a boy, you know, so fluffies always get ripped. ;)

Ronix used to suckle when he was a puppy, on blankets, typically the blanket we use to sleep in...then he grew out of it. I couldn't say I minded that, since his suckling spots always ended up in holes! Not to mention trying to go to sleep then POW, your foot is in a precarious wet spot. Now Ronix has gotten back into suckling, not sure why, but he still only likes to suckle on the blanket we are actually using on the bed, couch or wherever. I have been thinking of buying a "baby blanket" to see if he will just use that...oh the trickery! He gives me such glares whenever I catch him suckling and tell him to stop. Goodness these weims sure have attitude!

On a different note, we went to the dog park yesterday. It was the first time Vienna has gone in a long while since she had her heat, and boy did they get muddy! I made the mistake of wearing ballet flats because it was so unusually warm yesterday, but I forgot the dog park is a gully right before a canyon. It was much cooler and muddy, and even still had snow/ice! Luckily we made it without falling, phew.

I didn't take many but here are a few photo's from yesterday:

 In case you are wondering, this is V's typical spot on car rides. She has to be touching one of us.

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