Thursday, July 16, 2009

Favorite Pictures...

So until I get some new pictures, I'm afraid there just won't be any pictures...Gasp! What?! Just kidding, just kidding, don't have a fit! I'll just keep throwing some old ones up here. Hopefully we'll get some funny footage of Ronix at the lake. We're more prepared with water toys now, the entertainment will last for hours.

On a side note, an 11 month old Weim is up for sale on KSL and we're trying to figure out if it is a sibling of Ronix. They do look a little similar. However, I decided it would be very bad knowledge to find out if she IS related because we both would LOVE to get a litter mate to keep Ronix company...and in our current housing situation it simply wouldn't work to get another Weim.
:( Hopefully some day in the somewhat near future.
Anyway, I'll stop my rambling and post the pictures, because what's a blog about a dog without pictures? ;)

This is King Ronix in his throne. He has claimed this as his favorite spot, and always manages to wake up if you move out of it so he can steal it.

A classic example of a road trip with Ronix. He still thinks he is a lap sized dog, and I do admit I still let him sometimes. He always finds a way to squirm as close as possible without technically being considered in the front. Ha ha. Trust me, the positions he ends up in to accomplish this do NOT look comfortable!

I love this picture! If you look closely you will know why! He looks like a deer; none of his paws are on the ground. It never fails to make me laugh.

Mark may not like being on my blog, so we just won't tell him and see if he notices, because this picture is so cute!

We were lucky Pirate tolerated Ronix's antics! He was very passive with him, even though he was getting choked and pulled around by a pup.

He loved the dirt chips, it was funny to watch him play and eat them.

I don't think this one needs an explanation.
Ha ha.

Obviously I could go on til the sun goes down...but I think this last one is a great note to end on.

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