Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vienna: From Cali to Utah

This is our little Vienna, before we brought her home. She is about 23 days old here. So tiny!

Here she is at the airport, 8 weeks old, bravely waiting for our flight home.

I made sure to get a picture of her in her travel carrier because I knew I would never believe she actually fit in it! She liked to lay in it, I think she felt safe. She soon preferred the BIG crate though :)

Sitting pretty.

I just loved her little pink belly! Sleeping in a true weim fashion already.

Enjoying her water bottle.

Their first couch cuddles.

I don't know if you can tell, but if you notice how tight of a ball Ronix is in, he was trying to stay as far away from the "little new thing". I think his expression reveals his concerns. ;)

I could go on and on and on posting pictures, but, I figured I would try to keep it reasonable ;) I flew out to California on the 29th of January 2010, and brought Vienna home January 30th. She was exactly 8 weeks old that weekend. The first few days she was so mellow and sweet. She then started coming out of her mellow state and letting her personality out, and was quite the little sassafrass. We had thought we liked the name Violet, but changed it to Vienna after seeing more of her cute personality. She slept the entire flight and never made one peep. She did so well! I probably had more anxiety than she did-it was a small plane on the way home. She was timid and a little scared of Ronix at first because he was a little strange with his weimy zoomies, but she soon learned how to sass back. It was so cute to watch her march up and grab whatever toy Ronix had taken from her. She would literally tell him what's up, she is a very vocal puppy! Next will be 12 week pictures :)


  1. Oh the struggles of a 2nd child!!!!!! hahahahaha Oh and i thought Vienna meant "sausage from Austria" ;)

  2. Ha ha ha! Sausage from Austria! Really! :P You'll love her once you meet her!

  3. Oh I just noticed that the blue bowl seems very familiar... ;)