Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our weimy weekend

We had a very weimy weekend. We got to watch Nina, Ronix's sister, and they had a blast. Vienna did get a little sad at times since sometimes the big dogs wouldn't let her play, so that just means she got extra snuggles and playtime with us :) She does have great pouty expressions though! Warning: picture overload, as always. Enjoy!                       
  Here is the crew running, jumping, rolling and pouncing.

Finally, a picture of all 3 resting.

Ronix, trying to catch his breath from nonstop running.

Nina keeping the ball from Ronix.

Vienna watching the action with her very own ball.
I love her stance! She's such a pretty girl.
"Here I come!" One of my favorite pics from the day (I take an obsessive amount).
"Hey, Dad, over here!" Another favorite :)
Uh oh! Here come the crazies!
Find the tennis balls, Vienna is learning quickly! She even tried to pick up two at the same time! Haha.

Now onto the indoor entertainment:
Sibling love. These two are inseperable, much to little Vienna's dismay.
Ronix doing his "love nibbles" haha.
One big smile.
This is how it was most of the weekend, Vienna is looking a bit sad, she didn't like being left out of the fun.
So sad :(
Watching Ronix and Nina from her cozy place.
Our pretty girl.
Finally, Vienna got her play time with Nina.
She was so happy to get some cuddle time with Ronix.

And there you have it, a glimpse into our weimy weekend! It was a blast!

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  1. That is so neat. I wish I could meet Starr's siblings.