Monday, August 3, 2009

Ronix's First Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ronix!!! (August 2, 2008)
You survived your first year of life! Woo hoo! I am 100% confident your puppy years are NOT behind you though. I can imagine we have many more fun stories and hyper phases to encounter with you yet. :) I can't wait.

We went backpacking in the Uintah's over the weekend, and Ronix loved it. He also loved to act even MORE human (if possible) and followed us across narrow logs, and would never sit on the ground, instead he'd always sit next to us on the logs. It was so cute!

This waterfall was beautiful. It appears to be a small one, but we hiked up it and it just kept going, and the scenery was breath taking.

This was his first real hiking and camping experience, and he kept his guard up. He was on high alert this whole trip. It was so cool to see his hunting abilities shine through; he has an amazing nose!

I love when his lips are stuck in his teeth. I was told this means they (dogs) are unsure of something. I wouldn't doubt it, he perked up at any different sound. I'm sure all the smells were pretty new to him too.

Here Ronix is running like a crazy, wild dog. He was so funny, I wish I would have got it on the flip to post. He was running the fastest I've seen him run, in circles, around me, straight at me; just absolutely loving the freedom and fresh air.

Where's Ronix? he that blur of gray?

And yes, Ronix was in his idea of doggy heaven. Wood was everywhere. I never did get my good marshmellow stick. Every one I found was suddenly between the chomping, slobbery jaws of Ronix who was thinking, "mmm give me that stick! my stick! mine mine mine! i'll race ya...I win!"

He is such a camera dog. It was cool to see him at high alert though.

Another "where's Ronix" one. I love the lighting in this one; it brings out the meaning of their nickname The Gray Ghost...

Taking a breather from his big doggie pack. Yes, Ronix carries his own food and water, and he's good at it too! We didn't really have to train him on this, we just put it on and he's off. He even comes to you to put it on; it's great!

Here he is with the big pack on. Still a bit big for him yet; it gets a little lopsided. I swear he likes it thought, he seems so happy when we're out and about.
All in all I think Ronix had a good first birthday. He got to go swimming, running, swimming, chewed some sticks, swimming, chewed some sticks, swiming and I think a little sleeping was in there somewhere ;)
Happy Birthday Ronix!!

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